Keeping Kids Active Over the Summer

Summer learning loss is dreaded by teachers and feared by parents. Those countless weeks spent outside of the classroom can be put to good use, or can be wasted. We keep our campers active and stimulated all day. Here five ways to keep your children’s brains and bodies healthy over the summer when they’re not at camp.

1. Set Goals
Set a goal for your child to complete before the new school year begins. Challenge him or her to do ten perfect push ups or to read 500 pages — any goal that is attainable within a few months will make your child feel accomplished and motivated.

2. Build Language Skills

Each day select a “Word of the Day.” It could be in another language of your choosing or a difficult word in English. Make sure to utilize the word throughout the day every chance you get. Your children will never forget these words if you turn it into a fun competition to see who can use the word the most.

3. Plan a Trip

Summer is not complete without a little vacation time. Let the kids get involved with the planning process. Have them plan a budget, map out a route (the old-fashioned way), research activities to do at your destination, or create an itinerary. Your child will gain some organization skills and you might even save some time on planning!

4. Train a Chef

Ask your child to help you out in the kitchen. Set aside a task your child can complete without losing a finger or touching too much food bacteria. Depending on age, throw in some measuring and then you’re teaching math AND life skills. Have your child help with meal preparation at least once a week and by the time school rolls back around, your son or daughter might be packing YOUR lunch!

5. Read Together

There’s a reason educators suggest children read for at least 20-minutes a day outside of school. It’s easy for parents to let reading time slide during the summer, but this is when it’s most important. Visit the library or grab a copy of your favorite book and read it to your younger child. For older children, suggest a book you’ve read or one you’d like to re-read and the literary conversations will flow from there.

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